A Winter Train Ride

I gripped the frozen steel bar, my fingers ash white in the below zero temperature. 
This train wasn’t going to stop.

The wind whipped through my fur-lined coat; unable to protect my organs from the harsh winter that I wasn’t used to. I watched the countryside pass by – which would have otherwise been beautiful – in a blur.
The icicles that were pooling on the steel frame outside, would also have caught my attention. Swirling inside themselves with water that had frozen into a beautiful point, they hung on each edge. My creative eye would have stared at those icicles for hours, but their beauty was muffled as I watched the mountain getting closer.

This wasn’t a passenger train; it was designated to carry cargo across the country. That’s why when I finagled my way onto it – claiming I had permission from all the authorities – I was curious to see the differences in a passenger line. Before my exploring had begun, frantic yelling at the front had fuelled my curiosity further and I had confirmed it. This train was heading towards a mountain with no tunnel, no tracks, and no working breaks.

Without listening for the WHY, I pumped my legs and headed towards the best vantage point of the potential danger; the car closest to the mountain. After I’d realised that I couldn’t see without leaning out of the door, I obliged and the frozen wind forcefully met me there.

Quickly a hand pulled me back inside and I saw the train driver screaming at me. As the cold wind continued to rip through my ears, his words were deafened. His eyes were frantic as he pointed towards the back of the train cars.
I followed the driver and tears began to form in my eyes. Ignoring them, we ran through the first, then second, then the third car until we reached the final one. With only moments before the impact, the driver leaped out of the train and onto the snow-covered tracks. He thundered onto the ground and rolled.
Before I could see if he was okay; before I could decide if I wanted to risk being injured or killed from the fall, the sound of steel smashing behind me propelled me forward and I closed my eyes for the impact.


* * *

I hope you enjoyed this short story. 
What do you think happened to the person in this story? Did they survive? Let me know how YOU see that ending!


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