Snail Mode Vs Bullet Mode

I will NEVER eat snails… I just won’t. Hopefully, I’ll also never ‘eat’ a bullet… BUT, over the last few months, I’ve noticed that I have something in common with BOTH of these things…

Apparently, I have two ‘work modes’.
I either go at snail pace and do almost nothing whatsoever, OR I do Way too much and smash through ALL the work – like a bullet.

Deadline Memes
Neither of these is a good thing. There should always be a happy medium. I’ve tried to get that going, but no matter how I try, I always want to do the fun stuff that doesn’t need to be done for another four months. I get easily distracted by the fun, shiny, and interesting jobs, and leave the tedious ones. So, when it comes to deadlines for them, I have to do overtime just to get it sorted.


80218cab85d873287646386bc221ae95841d8095r1-472-200_00Snail pace is fun – because I get to do nothing, watch TV, read books or just hang around and eat – but it leads to my deadlines sneaking up on me. After about a week, I feel all the regret for pushing off my work. If there was a way to be a snail, like Turbo, I think life would be a heck of a lot easier.
I am always striving to find a middle ground, so maybe you can help me out?
What are some ways that you find a good work balance?

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