Vision Charts… Who Needs Them!

Two frames of glass.
Two frames which help magnify and clarify what you see.

I have been blessed all my life, to be the only person in my family who does NOT need to wear glasses. Going to get my eyes checked was easy, that silly poster was a breeze.
My vision is 2020 – so, why do I wear them?

No, it isn’t because I’m trying to look ‘hipster’ or ‘cool’ (man do I feel old just writing those words down – and i’m not even 30 yet!), it’s because I discovered this amazing new concept which Actually DOES help my life.

I wear BlueLight glasses.

YES, they are a thing! I wear glasses which don’t have any magnification at all, but they do have a filter which cuts through the ‘blue light’ on screens. I look at so many screens, for so many hours every day, that I found myself having trouble sleeping, not sleeping soundly and just being tired in general.

I heard about these weird glasses on the radio, and decided to buy a super cheap pair on eBay. When they came, I was skeptical, but willing to give it a go, and get better sleep.

WELL…. I can’t say it’s the same for everyone, but now whenever I Don’t wear the glasses, my sleep goes back to being broken and shallow and I wake up tired and cranky! But when I do wear them, I have deep, restful sleep which hasn’t been affected by the several hours of screen time that I do for work, rest and entertainment.

So, if you wonder why someone who doesn’t need glasses to see would wear them, this is a reason – it is for me anyway!

What is something you wear without any apologies? Is it PJ’s to work, or a tutu when you go shopping??
I’d love to know – so pop in a comment or head over to the CGSP Facebook page and let us all in on your shameless choices!

See You in The Adventures


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