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Hannah Carmichael is a Super Spy, who was trying to take down CGT – the evil spy agency, which she used to be a part of. Her husband Zeke, was secretly working to take them down, and roped Hannah (and her fellow agent and best friend, Stephanie) into the fight.
Hannah’s mother Evelyn was a CGT and Global enemy, but now, she seems to have been on the same side all along. Her Father James, was believed to be dead, and missing for over a decade, but revealed himself from the fight in the shadows to help take them down once and for all.
After a mission which failed to bring back Hannah’s memories, the team have to decide what’s next. How will they show the world who CGT really is, and stop their Cataclysm event? Will Hannah EVER figure out who she was, and remember everything?



Sounds of arguing once again filled The Palace, as the debate continued over the next steps.
Finally James raised his hands up and the room died down, “I’ve made my decision, and you’re all just going to have to live with it.” He looked over at his main opposition and waited for them all to either nod, or shrug. “We’re taking this risk, because it seems to be the next logical step. Hannah didn’t regain any further memory in her little excursion,” he shot her a look and Hannah shrunk a little in her seat. Even though she didn’t remember her childhood with him, his glare still sent a Dad-like shiver down her spine.
“So we need to check our options for revealing CGT to the world. We just don’t know how high it all goes.”
“So we’re resorting to kidnapping then?” Sarah asked sharply.
“We’ve done it before,” Roy said as he continued to track down the last known coordinates of Anthony, Hannah’s former boss.
“Not with such a high ranking member; and not to put back where we found him,” Sarah snorted, folding her arms and slumping in her chair.
“We’re doing this,” James said, turning to Roy. “Have you got the location?” He asked, waiting for Roy to nod and lean back in his chair, “On you’re phone now Boss.”

James nodded, then turned to the team, sizing up the options of who to take. Zeke stood before he could announce his choice, “I want to in. My former boss and partner were both deep in this, so I may become useful at some stage.”
James nodded, then turned to Hannah, “What about you?”
“Me?” Hannah asked, feeling the confusion bubble into her voice.
“Anthony has a connection to you, regardless of if you remember it or not. It may work for us when we get the information we need out of him.”
Hannah thought for a moment then shrugged, “okay, lets do it, but I want to bring Stephanie. She has just as much relationship with him as I do.”
James agreed and they grabbed their weapons and supplies before piling into a blacked out SUV.

When they reached the city centre, Hannah listened to the snatch and grab plan again and they parked, waiting for Anthony to appear. Hannah turned to Zeke and lowered her voice, “I really do want to remember you know. Good or bad, I’d rather know it all.”
Zeke smiled softly at her and nodded, “I want you to remember too. Good or bad, I’ll always be here with you.”
“Guys, he just walked out,” Stephanie said from the driver’s seat of the SUV. The team pulled out their weapons, leaving their identities exposed, for hope of catching cameras and adding to the news coverage.
As they jumped out of the SUV, Anthony spotted their advance and dropped his briefcase, returning to the building. Papers from inside his it flew onto the street as the team split up. Hannah ignored the shouted instructions from her Father, following her instincts and chasing after the figure, which held a slight familiarity that she couldn’t place.
Anthony had chosen stairs over the elevator and Hannah climbed the twenty floors until she heard the roof door open and slam closed. As she opened the roof door, a rush of cold wind hit her face and she aimed her gun at nothing, trying to find the man.

As she reached closer to the un-fenced edge, Hannah felt a force bowl her over and she stumbled forward, closer to the edge of the building. She turned to see a smiling Anthony towering over her, “You should have stayed out of this Hannah. Got out when you could!” His voice was loud over the wind and the traffic below, and he kicked the gun out of her reach, pulling her up.
Before she could respond, before she could fight back, and before she could even breath, Anthony flung Hannah over the edge of the building.
She squinted her eyes as she lost her ability to scream and flashes of her life returned into her memory, just as she began to fall.


Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading the latest instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! Hannah will be back Soon for the next part of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there!
Christy Grace

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