Reacting to the Unknown

Amnesia is a fascinating phenomenon.

Story tellers in all sorts of forms have used it, whether it’s Jason Bourne, The Vow, or Overboard (The original with Goldie Hawn, not the recent remake – just to make that clear), it can lead to funny, heartbreaking, interesting and thought provoking ideas.

When Hannah Carmichael (HCC) found herself waking up with Amnesia in WHERE AM I – HCC 61 (link below), it was something fun and different I got to play around with writing. How would you feel if you had to wake up and couldn’t remember some of the people closest to you, how you got where you are, or why you can’t remember a thing?

For Hannah, it was also life threatening – who was she supposed to trust? How could she know that the people around her were trustworthy?

For normal people, it’s less life and death, and more readjusting. Our memories and experience make up who we are. They guide how we make our decisions and why we react to things the way we do.

So, how do you think you would react to meeting someone you’ve been told you’ve known your whole life? Would you just trust everyone around you is telling the truth? (I imagine if you have amnesia, you wouldn’t remember all the movies you’ve seen about it, and/or any spy training you’ve had)

Let me know in the comments how you’d react, and see how Hannah reacted with a clip from HCC 61 below:

—I opened my eyes and squinted at the sudden burst of light overstimulating my optical senses. The pain in my head registered and I groaned as I closed my eyes again. I heard shuffling around me and I flipped open my eyes, suddenly unsure of where I was. The light was harsh, but I forced myself to readjust quickly as the adrenaline and the panic overtook my other senses. —

Catch the full instalment in the link below and keep up to date with Hannah Carmichael as she continues to navigate her mission with her memory loss:

See you in the Adventures

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