Thats Christmas To Me

Christmas. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can’t avoid it come December. It’s everywhere with the Nativity, Santa, Reindeer, Mistletoe, Tinsel, Trees, Lights, Crowds, Shopping until your feet swell, Stress, Family disasters, and on and on it goes!

Christmas can be stressful, it can be fun, it can be sad, and it can be full of joy.

Whatever YOUR Christmas experience may be, there are a few things which you can be certain are being celebrated and considered each and every year at Christmas time.

  1. Being with your crazy, annoying, loud, obnoxious family that you love (usually) to bits
  2. Gifts are given and accepted with those you love, work with, and sometimes smile at, but secretly plan their murder in your mind
  3. Santa Clause and his elves/reindeer
  4. The birth of Jesus Christ

If you celebrate any, or all, of the above – congrats, That’s Christmas To YOU. I sent out a post last week about Santa, but this time, I want to focus on another part of Christmas…

Christmas carries with it, the message of Hope, Love, Peace and Joy.
It isn’t always like that for everyone – some people don’t have any family, some don’t have a place to go, or food to eat, and some are struggling with some real life grown up issues.

But, this is the time of year to celebrate something bigger than your struggles; bigger than your annoying family, bigger than that mountain of debt, bigger than finding that perfect gift or turkey.

Some say it’s the true meaning of Christmas, but I guess that depends on where you stand on this particular topic (personally, i’m the first group). Christmas is celebrating a baby being born, in someones backyard, with all their animals, and no money.

We all know the nativity scene – it’s part of the standard decorations which go up outside and inside houses all over. Baby in a little feeding trough, parents, wise men, shepherds, angels, and animals. But there was a real story, a real moment in time – it shouldn’t just be something we look at and forget come December 26th. Even if it’s just remembering what it stands for.

I hope as you all go through this Christmas season, you remember that everyone has the potential for Hope, Joy, Peace and LOVE; because that’s the real meaning to the season – Loving each other. Loving that person you see on the street who doesn’t have a home this Christmas, or that neighbour you’re feuding with over the tree which hangs over your side of the fence; maybe it’s that cousin who rubs you the wrong way, or that boss who is horrible to you every year.

Even through our loss, our hurt, our desperate situation – this is the time when we should be looking out for each other and showing our humanity and compassion.
So, I’m looking towards a better year, a better me, and a better world – because I know it’s possible; all thanks to that baby, born in someone’s backyard, with all their animals, and no money.

Merry Christmas, Blessings to all!

Much Love
Christy Grace

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