The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles

Your Briefing:
Hannah Carmichael is a Super Spy, who is trying to take down CGT – the evil spy agency which she used to be a part of. Her husband Zeke, was secretly working to take them down as well, and roped Hannah and her friend, and fellow agent – Stephanie, into the fight.
Hannah’s mother Evelyn was a known terrorist and CGT enemy, but now seems to have been on the same side all along. Her Father James, was believed to be dead and missing for over a decade, but has now shown up from his fight in the shadows, to help take them down once and for all.
It seemed as though everyone in Hannah’s life knew about CGT’s true motives but her. So how will she navigate her new status, new team members, and new family dynamics?
With CGT linked to a World War III event called ‘Cataclysm’ – What will Hannah and her team find out, and how will they stop it? 



“Hannah, I like the new look. Your hair suits you better this way,” Anthony said with a smug grin.
“I guess Level 13 was bad luck after all,” Zeke said to Hannah as they shielded as much of the Prime Minister as they could.
“Anthony, why don’t you just let us leave with the Prime Minister and we can all walk away without any problems,” Hannah said with a smile. She flinched at the loud boom of Anthony’s laugh and took a miniature step backwards as he stopped and locked eyes with her.
“Hannah, I don’t know how you found out about the Prime Minister, but your mere presence here indicates you know more than you should.” He smiled and lowered his gun, stepping into the room as Hannah glanced back at the Prime Minister. His face was stone but the terror was unmistakable in his eyes.
“Okay, we admit it,” Hannah said lightly as she turned her attention back to her former boss.
Anthony frowned and tilted his head, a small smile appearing, “Well that was easy.” The scepticism was obvious in his tone and Hannah shrugged, glancing at her confused husband.
“We were on a second honeymoon, and we stumbled into the wrong room. It was pure coincidence that the Prime Minister was tied up in here.”
Zeke rolled his eyes then turned to face a CGT agent who had slowly been advancing on him.
“Second honeymoon? You two?” Anthony snorted and Hannah readjusted the grip on her gun as he inched closer to her.
“Just ask the manager downstairs,” Zeke said, taking another cautious step towards the Prime Minister.
“Skip it,” Anthony snapped. “Let’s get down to business,” he sighed then shook his head. “It may sound cliché, but you all know too much to stay alive. You do know that right?”
“You ‘re right,” Hannah said, nodding. Anthony narrowed his eyes and she smiled, “That does sound cliché.”
Rolling his shoulders, Anthony nodded to the door of the bedroom, “You see Hannah Dear, you and poor Zekey over there are a just little bit outnumbered. So you don’t really have an out here. Since you do seem to know too much, we’re going to have to-“
“Deal with us once and for all, right?” Hannah interrupted, exhaling loudly. “Would you at least say something other than clichés if this is going to be the last villain monologue I ever hear? It’s getting pretty boring.”
Anthony nodded, “You’re right. It is a shame that the P.M. here was hoping for a more peaceful agreement, otherwise there wouldn’t have been such a dramatic display with the rope and the tape.” Anthony moved his head and shifted his gaze to the Prime Minister, “Sorry about that Sir.”
Hannah moved to her left, blocking his view and allowed her anger to take over, “We aren’t going to let Cataclysm happen Tony. We just aren’t.”
Anthony laughed and Hannah glanced back at Zeke, the CGT agent now only a few steps away.
“Cataclysm is going to happen whether you’re alive or not. So I guess I get to pick if you live or die,” her former mentor spat the words like they were bile and Hannah inhaled. She took a quick step forward as Anthony reached behind his back with his free hand.
Sounds behind her distracted her focus and she turned to where Zeke and the CGT agent were now struggling, both guns on the floor. Agents started to lunge forward at them and Hannah turned back to where Anthony had stood moments before. The space was now vacant, and she released a bullet from her gun as hands around the back of her neck curled tightly. She clutched the gun tightly and her arms flailed as she craned her neck behind her. Zeke fell to the ground and a sharp prick in her neck filled her veins with an icy chill. The last thing she could do before the world once again disappeared into a cloud, was to roll her eyes and whisper, “how unoriginal.”


Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading the latest instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! Hannah will be back Soon for the next Chapter of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there!

Christy Grace


*Disclaimer: All persons and events in the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles are Fictional. Any similarities are purely coincidental. 

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