The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles 

Your Briefing:

Hannah Carmichael is a Super Spy, who is trying to take down the evil spy agency CGT, which she used to be a part of. Her husband Zeke, was secretly working to take them down as well, and roped her and her friend Stephanie into the fight.
Hannah’s mother Evelyn was a known terrorist and CGT enemy, but now seems to have been on the same side all along. Her Father James, was believed to be dead and missing for over a decade, but has now shown up to help in the fight, where he has been hiding in the shadows to also take down CGT.
It seemed as though everyone in Hannah’s life knew about CGT’s true motives but her. So how will she navigate her new status, new team members and new family dynamics?
Zeke had to kill his former partner and CGT double agent, but how will the traitors death affect the team? What did he manage to tell CGT before he died?
With CGT linked to a World War event called ‘Cataclysm’ – What will she and her team find out, and how will they stop it?  




Hannah watched across the room as her husband stared at the papers in front of him. She sighed and navigated through the ‘war room’ where everyone was working to stop Cataclysm. As she reached Zeke, he looked up and tried to force a smile.
“Hey, did you find something yet?” he asked.
Hannah sat next to him, “Not yet, but everyone is looking.” She put a hand on his leg and smiled softly, “I know it sounds cliché, but how are you?”
Zeke sighed, “Baxter was my best friend.” He straightened and set his jaw, “But it had to be done I guess, to sound cliché myself.”
Hannah took in a breath then shook her head, “I couldn’t imagine.”
They gave pathetic smiles to each other and Zeke looked down at a file fragment from a partially incinerated CGT safe box.
“Oliver is expecting me back at work in a few days. I don’t know what to tell him about Baxter,” Zeke lowered his shoulders, sinking further into his chair.
“What does he know about Baxter and about me?” Hannah asked quietly.
“Not much. The world still thinks you and Stephanie died as traitors, and as far as Oliver knows, Baxter and I were working on taking down CGT while they thought I was dead as well.” Zeke looked up and shrugged, “I guess I either stay here and lose my job, or show up at work and be killed by CGT.”
“You think they have people inside your department?” Hannah asked, a shiver trailing her spine.
“I don’t doubt it. Especially considering that Baxter was my partner,” Zeke shook his head, “some partner.”
Before Hannah could reply, Roy yelled out for James Carmichael from across the room. Hannah and Zeke moved to Roy’s command centre where he was flipping up files on the main screen.
The room became quiet as James also approached. “What have you got Roy?” he asked, smiling softly at Hannah and Zeke.
“I’ve found a partial document. It talks about C.A.T.A.C.L then cuts off. It could be something.”
James nodded and leaned on the desk as he looked at the image of the document on the screen.
“It was from a batch three years ago which didn’t seem like an imminent threat at the time,” Sarah said, nodding as she agreed with her own memory.
Roy shrugged, “We looked into it, but assumed the event was in the past.”
Hannah squinted and tried to read the smaller print on the screen as she took a step closer.
“Peace talks between small countries in the Middle East and Russia; why is that on CGT’s radar?” Zeke asked behind her. Roy pulled up another fragment on the screen, lining them up side-by-side.
“We found another document referencing the halting of peace talks and the possibility of nuclear warfare,” Roy said, turning to James with a frown. “From what I can gather with this, other pieces of other correspondence and audio tracks, CGT doesn’t want these peace talks to happen. We double checked it with the Accounts File that Hannah and Steph got from the CGT newspaper,” Roy cocked his head at Stephanie and smiled. Hannah tried not to laugh as Steph plastered a silly grin on her face then quickly shook it off.
“It matched the entries found in these fragments. Payoffs and account entries confirm that CGT is planning on sending the Nuclear strikes from both countries, to each other, regardless of the planned diplomacy.”
James took a deep breath, then put his face in his hands, exhaling and groaning, “Which means-“
Hannah put a hand on his shoulder and finished his thought, “World War Three.”

Author’s Note:
Thanks for reading this week’s instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! Hannah will be back very soon for the next part of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there!

Christy Grace

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