LightBulbs, TypeWriters and SuperHeroes!

Hello CGSP readers!

If you regularly check the Christy Grace Scarlet Pen Facebook page (and I recommend that you do!) you would have seen the incredible picture I posted of my Beautifully set up (and miraculously clean) new workspace!


If you look carefully, you can see the beautiful typewriter which features in the main Christy Grace Scarlet Pen photo, AND a very important thing that accompanies an idea – the lightbulb. Even though having a real lightbulb at your desk is not always a smart idea, I came to a compromise when I found this jar, Which Looks Just Like One!

I am SO EXCITED to be able to dedicate more time to writing (For now anyway) and continue on a very Fun, New project! (More details to come later)

Hannah is a very special character to me, and I love seeing where her spying adventures take her, and her family and friends, HOWEVER….  There is much more to me, and my writing than just Hannah Carmichael.
(Don’t panic HCC readers – Hannah will return shortly! She is far from done)

While I am trying to be hard at work writing, who couldn’t find inspiration when you have CLASSIC movie quotes, a reminder of the alphabet (because we need a childlike reminder sometimes), and Super help from some Superheroes?


So, I hope you enjoy these snapshots into my work space, desk and inspiration zone!

Hopefully I can show you more of my fascinating journey, as I embark on some new and enthralling (that’s right, I went there) projects!

In the meantime, Hannah Will Be Back Soon! But keep an eye out for updates on the Facebook Page (link in the homepage), and of course – here in ‘Mission Control’.

Thanks everyone for reading!

Christy Grace

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