HCC: Accounting For Traitors + SNEAK PEEK

Zeke is Alive, but still unconscious. Hannah and Stephanie still have the CGT ACCOUNTS file, which they believe holds the key to taking down the evil spy agency.

Baxter has been captured, but will he crack under questioning? To top things off, Hannah has just discovered her father, James Carmichael, is alive and working with a team of his own to take down CGT.

Will Hannah’s team pick up and join James’ team? What will happen when Zeke wakes up?

Hannah and the Team will be back on Tuesday 9 July with THE PALACE (HCC 53). Will Hannah join her Father in the Fight?

SPECIAL SNEAK PEEK: As promised, check out the sneak peek for the next HCC instalment below:

Hannah watched Zeke’s chest rise and fall. It had been almost 12 hours since they had arrived at her Father’s base of operations. Around here they had nicknamed it The Palace, but the abandoned factory was anything but. Zeke stirred and Hannah leaned forward, her hand on his arm.

Hannah Carmichael Chronicles ONLY on ChristyGraceScarlettPen – Hannah and I look forward to seeing you then!

Christy Grace

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