The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles


Your Briefing:

Hannah Carmichael: Superspy, undercover to take down CGT spy agency, chasing Evelyn Carmichael (Mother and known criminal). Status: Currently in JAIL for her mother’s crimes.
Zeke Anderson: Husband, working with the government to take down CGT. Status: Believed to be dead by CGT and worldwide.
Stephanie Winchester: Best friend and fellow spy – also undercover. Currently in JAIL for Evelyn Carmichael’s crimes.
Baxter: Zeke’s partner, working to take down CGT.
Evelyn Carmichael: Criminal mastermind, planning a large scale attack. Status: Dying last Hannah saw her – otherwise unknown.
Now in jail, Hannah’s only allies are Zeke and Baxter on the outside world. How will she get out alive?  



Stephanie shook her head as she paced the cell, “Those dirty double crossers.” She spun, a scowl on her face. “Why aren’t you more upset? CGT will most likely kill us in jail so we can’t spill their secrets.” Stephanie threw her hands in the air, “Or if we’re lucky, we’re stay to prison forever as terrorists.”
Hannah sighed and pushed herself up off the small bed, “They think Zeke is dead.” She said, leaning against the bars and tapping her necklace on them in a slow rhythm.
“They made you shoot him, even when they knew you had betrayed them.” Stephanie said, her eyes wide. “That’s cold.”
Hannah sighed as Marjorie, a guard they had befriended, came to the cell. She glanced around them, then leaned in close and lowered her voice.
“What’s up?” She asked, her voice raspy. Their signal had worked and Hannah tucked her necklace back under her shirt.
“I need to make an urgent phone call,” Hannah said, her voice low and soft. Marjorie started to shake her head and looked around again.
“Marjorie, I need to do this. You know we’re innocent, I just need to make one call and we can get out of this mess.” Hannah looked over at Stephanie and her eyes grew wide.
“Yes. If we can prove our innocence, the real criminals can be put in this cell, and we can stop thousands from dying.” Stephanie chimed in.
Marjorie sighed and pursed her lips, like a child making a decision. She finally sighed and reached into her pocket. Hannah smiled as she handed her a mobile phone, unlocked and already open to the phone keypad.
“Thanks Marg,” Hannah said, dialling the only other number she could.
“Baxter? It’s Hannah.” Rustling on the other end of the line rose then fell and Baxter’s voice, now lowered, came through the phone.
“How did you get a phone? Never mind, I don’t want to know. I’ve seen the report; you and Stephanie have been charged and branded as terrorists.”
Hannah exhaled, “Yes, we figured that was the case when they arrested us and threw us in jail.”
Baxter sighed softly and Hannah took a breath, “We didn’t do it Baxter. We’re innocent. CGT is setting us up and we have to get out of here so we can prove it.”
His pause seemed to last an eternity and Hannah glanced at Stephanie and Marjorie, both keeping watched for visitors.
“Okay. I’ll work on getting you out. Legally.” Baxter hung up and Hannah handed the phone back to Marjorie. As she tucked it into her waistband, another guard came into view. She tapped on the bars and smiled, “It’s time for more questioning on your co-conspirators.” She opened the cell door and chained the two women, leading them into another interrogation room.


Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading this week’s instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! Hannah will be back Tomorrow for the next part of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there!
Christy Grace


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