The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles


Your Briefing:

Zeke is alive and well, but the world thinks he is dead, CGT and others think that Hannah has killed him. There is still work to do. Having proven her loyalty to CGT, Hannah is still undercover and her mother Evelyn is still planning a large scale attack which will endanger CGT and the country. How will Hannah move forward to catch Evelyn and stop CGT?



Hannah took a deep breath as she walked with Stephanie through the hallway and into the open mission control bullpen at CGT headquarters. Anthony glanced over and spotted them, nodding and making his way over to them.
“Hannah,” he took hold of her hand, his eyes dark. “I’m so sorry about Zeke.”
She nodded, “Thanks.” She stood taller and shook her head, “But right now we need to find Evelyn.”
Anthony nodded and gave a small smile, “We’ve received credible Intel that Evelyn is going to attack us today.” He paused and gave her a side glance, “Do you think you’ll still be up to bringing her in?” He asked.
Hannah let anger fill her eyes and gave a short nod, “This has cost me everything and everyone I love.” She rolled her shoulders and set her jaw, “I want to be the one to bring Evelyn Carmichael down.”
Anthony waited a moment then nodded slowly, “You’ll need to get your gear. I’m going to send you and Stephanie to check out the lead. We’ve been told Evelyn’s base of operations is three blocks from here in a small, abandoned house that was just bought at a bank auction.”
Anthony gave them the address and Hannah and Stephanie went into the large room dedicated to weapons and communication units. Stephanie put a hand on Hannah’s arm and she stopped putting her Kevlar vest on.
“Are you sure we should be doing this without telling Zeke or Baxter?”
Hannah shook her head, “it’s just a possible lead. If it pans out, we’ll call.” She selected a small handgun and placed it into her hip holster.
Hannah was quiet as Stephanie drove them to the house, Zeke occupying her mind. The world thought he was dead. Only a few knew the truth. She sighed and Stephanie nudged her from the driver’s seat.
“What is it?” She asked, smiling before looking back at the road.
“I was just thinking about the first time Zeke and I met,” Hannah said, a smile crossing her face.
Stephanie chuckled beside her, “You mean that karaoke bar?”
Hannah laughed and nodded, “He was so sure of himself,” She said, rolling her eyes.
“Things can get back to where they were,” Stephanie said. Hannah sighed and nodded. When they arrived, Stephanie parked down the street and they checked their gear.
“If this is really her hideaway, all we do is scout and report back.” Stephanie said,
Hannah scoffed, “Yeah. I remember another mission in Russia that turned out like that too.” She got out of the car and walked slowly towards the house. As they approached the front window, Hannah ducked and peeked her head slowly inside.
“Stephanie,” Hannah hissed as she stood and moved towards the front door.
“What? What did you see? Where are you going?” Stephanie’s questions behind her grew softer as Hannah moved to and opened the front door. Her gun was raised as she swept the front room and Stephanie inhaled as she entered, then kept moving through the house. Hannah stood in the front room where five men were lying on the floor, blood spreading onto the carpet.
“Rest of the house is clear.” Stephanie yelled from another room. Hannah exhaled and shook her head. Someone had beaten them here.
“Hannah, get in here!” Stephanie’s voice was panicked and Hannah pushed down her nausea, moving into the next room. More men and women lay on the floor, the blood pooling beneath them. Hannah’s eyes shifted through the room at the plans spread all over the walls and desks for whatever attack Evelyn had been preparing for. Her gaze stopped at Stephanie, hunched over a woman in red. Red.
Hannah’s suddenly forgot how to breathe and took small steps closer, to see her Mother lying on the ground. The wound in her chest was growing darker and Stephanie was checking for a pulse. Hannah fell to her knees on the other side of her Mother and pushed her hand on top of the wound.
“I’ve got a pulse, it’s weak but it’s there. She’s still alive.” Stephanie’s words came through a haze as Hannah watched her Mother’s face grow paler with every second. Before Hannah could reach for a phone, footsteps filled the house. Stephanie got up, gun raised at the door and Hannah kept her eyes glued to Evelyn Carmichael.
“Police, drop the weapon.” At the sound of the voice, Hannah looked up to see several uniformed police officers taking Stephanie’s weapon and putting her in handcuffs.
Hannah leaning forward, “Please, you have to help her-“
“Get up.” An officer said, gun aimed at Hannah. “You’re both under arrest for murder and attempted terrorism.”


Author’s Note:
Thanks for reading this instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! Hannah will be back Tomorrow for the next part of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there!

Christy Grace


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