The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles


Your Briefing:

Hannah shot Zeke! After agreeing to kill her own husband to maintain her undercover status at the shadowy spy agency CGT, Hannah pulled the trigger and Zeke’s body crumpled to the ground. As Hannah and fellow undercover agent Stephanie were leaving, they were abducted in a van only to see that Zeke was their captor – alive and well. What will happen next?



 Hannah stared at the wrinkles in Zeke’s forehead as he scowled, “That was a pretty close shot, Hannah.” His body jerked up as the van hit a bump and Hannah tried not to smile.
“It missed didn’t it?” She asked, her tone light and playful. She saw the corners of Zeke’s mouth trying not to turn upwards and she relaxed her shoulders. Beside her, Stephanie rolled her eyes and pushed Baxter away from her.
“You’re lucky, I thought she actually took the shot,” Stephanie said. She straightened her top and Zeke inhaled,
“She’s lucky I saw her signal before she did take the shot,” He said, rolling his eyes and pulling his shirt up slightly to show his left side. “I fell so hard I’m beginning to bruise.”
Hannah chuckled and lowered his shirt. “I’m sorry dear, but I figured alive and injured was better than dead.”
Zeke smiled and shook his head, “They’ve already put a cadaver in my place. He matches my build and features. You’re going to have to go and ID it as me at the morgue.” He shrugged, “shouldn’t be too complicated. The shot will be in the face, so a proper ID would be impossible.”
Hannah sighed, “Fine.” She rolled her shoulders and cleared her throat, “Before we were taken, we spotted one of Evelyn’s men at the prison building.”
Zeke’s eyebrows raised and he nodded, “there hasn’t been a reported attack yet. Maybe she’s still planning it but she’s just pushed her deadline further out.”
“I think that’s a safe bet,” Stephanie said, shuffling closer towards them.
“Do you ever sit still?” Baxter asked. Stephanie rolled her eyes and exhaled loudly.
“Evelyn is probably still going to hit the prison. Who knows who will be released if she’s successful.” Stephanie said, nodding.
Baxter sighed, “I can talk to my boss and let him know.” He said, nodding to Zeke. “Your boy here, won’t be your contact moving forward though.”
Stephanie frowned, “why? Still on suspension?”
“The world thinks he’s dead,” Hannah said quietly. “They think I killed him.”


Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading this instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! Hannah will be back Tomorrow for the next part of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there!
Christy Grace

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