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Hannah Carmichael – Super Spy Update

Have you been reading the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles (HCC)?
If the answer is YES, then you know what is happening with Hannah and her super spy friends right now, but do you know what is coming next?

Hannah has been taken, interrogated, escaped, searched, found, lost…
Her mother, husband, and best friend are all involved in the spy world, some coming at a surprise.

New parts of her adventures in the sneaky spy agency CGT as she navigates being undercover to destroy them from within are released each week. So what will this week bring?

Hannah has been taken (Yes again) and is currently being interrogated by mysterious high up agent Amanda within CGT. She claims she wants to promote Hannah and Stephanie in the CGT agency, but she also knows her secret! Which secret does she think she knows? That Hannah is undercover? That she knows what is really happening at CGT? That her mother is still planning her attack on the CGT prison building? Or something else?

Every single instalment is leading to what is in the weeks to come! Things are going to get complicated, exciting and Hannah will use every single one of her skills to navigate it all!

This week, WEDNESDAY will be the day to tune in and find out what happens next. Haven’t started the series yet? Want to catch up and remember what has happened? NO worries – that’s easy! Check out the ADVENTURES link where you can access all the archives on the right hand side. Just select the month/year (August 2018 is where instalments 1-9 are held) and find the instalment you are up to!



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