The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles


Your Briefing:

Hannah Carmichael and her husband, Zeke Anderson have been Captured! Held prisoner, they were at the brink of being tortured by Hannah’s mother, Evelyn Carmichael. Evelyn is searching for a USB drive that Hannah is holding onto to stop her mysterious terrorist attack. Hannah’s friends and fellow agents of the CGT spy agency are also being held prisoner nearby. In the last instalment, Hannah reluctantly told Evelyn that she still has the drive, but that she has to take it to her. Even though Hannah is undercover at her crooked spy agency, she can’t allow Evelyn to get the drive. Will Hannah actually lead Evelyn to the drive? If she does, how will they stop her attack? What about Stephanie and Ian, the other agents?



Hannah tried to steady herself as the guard behind her pushed her forward. She frowned and turned to where Evelyn was walking a short way back, holding Zeke at gunpoint. Evelyn had claimed she brought him as incentive, but Hannah knew it was really so she could dispose of them both when she had what she wanted.
She turned when she saw the narrow alley and kept walking. The drive wasn’t down here, but Hannah had a plan.
“So I think it’s time to tell me exactly what building these plans are for.” Hannah turned and gave Evelyn a half smile. “And what you’re going to do with them.”
Turning, Hannah took small steps around puddles she didn’t want to know about.
“Since you’re probably going to kill us anyway, you may as well.” Zeke said behind her. Hannah smiled, waiting while Evelyn was silent for a moment.
“Ok Dear. The building on those plans is nothing particularly impressive.”
Hannah stopped and spun around, ignoring the guard. “Then why all this bother?” She asked, narrowing her eyes.
Evelyn smiled, “because, it’s the headquarters of a very important CGT building.”
Hannah frowned, “CGT?” Her mind began racing. Did Evelyn know that CGT were dirty? Or was she simply trying to take down any form of the Government?
“What’s the building?” Zeke asked, his voice eager. Evelyn tutted and shook her head.
“Even in death, I’m not going to reveal that information.”
Hannah turned and kept walking, remembering all the nooks and crannies from this particular alley. Coming up ahead was a dumpster where a homeless man stayed. A homeless man who carried a surprising amount of weapons.
“So you’re going to, what? Blow it up?” Hannah asked, lowering her hands to her side.
“What else.” Evelyn said, unable to hide her pride. Hannah took a deep breath as they approached the dumpster and clicked her tongue three times.
Brian, the homeless man, was often a source for her when she wanted to know what was happening on the streets. The clicking was their secret code that she was coming, and he wasn’t safe. She paused and turned, trying to stall.
“Did you ever love me, or Dad? Or was that all pretend?” She asked, putting her hands behind her back. She shifted her weight evenly and waited, her mother frowning.
“If you have to ask that question, then your Father and I didn’t raise you properly.” Evelyn pouted and pushed Zeke to keep walking. Hannah felt cold hard metal placed gently into her hands and she smiled at Zeke. He frowned then glanced behind her.
Hannah was sure that Brian was crouched down, waiting for her signal. She had shown Brian pictures of Zeke when they had talked about their families, so Hannah wasn’t worried. Zeke gave a slight nod, first to Brian, then to her. Hannah kept her eyes fixed on Evelyn, who had started moving closer.
“The drive is just behind this dumpster here.” Hannah said, taking one step backwards. When she had distanced herself more from the guard, Hannah pulled the gun from behind her back and aimed, firing at the guard’s leg. He howled in pain and reached for his own gun.
Hannah moved out of Brian’s line of fire and he let several bullets go. The guard fell to the ground and Evelyn ducked behind a strip of large rubbish bins. Zeke moved closer to Hannah and Brian tossed him a knife.
Despite his tied hands, Zeke caught the knife and moved behind her as she aimed the gun in Evelyn’s direction. She heard the slice of his rope being severed behind her and she sent warning shots in her mother’s direction.
Evelyn popped up from behind the bins and shot bullets in their direction. Hannah ducked and moved behind the dumpster with Brian and Zeke. With a gun now in his hands, Zeke nodded to her then peeked his head out. When he looked back, he shook his head and they all moved cautiously out from behind the dumpster. They approached Evelyn’s hiding spot with no sign of her.
“I’ll go after her!” Brian said, already moving.
“Be careful Brian.” Hannah said after him, “and let me know if you find her!”
As Brian moved down the alley towards the only exit, Hannah turned back to Zeke and smiled. “Well that was exciting.” She motioned down towards the dead guard. “What do you want to do about him?” She asked. Zeke’s eyes widened,
“Why me?” He asked,
“You’re the real government agent, remember?” She said, a slight edge in her tone. He sighed and reached into his pocket, calling in the shoot. Hannah put the gun into her waistband and started walking back down the alley. Behind her, Zeke ran to catch her.
“Hey, where are you going?” He asked, walking in step with her.
“I’m going back for Stephanie and Ian.” She replied, keeping her steps even.
“What about the drive?” Zeke asked. Hannah stopped and smiled at him.
“It was never here, Zeke. Do you think I’m stupid, that I would just hand it over?”
He frowned, “I didn’t say that.” He looked around the alley before giving her a smile. “It was a good plan.” He said quietly, putting his own gun into his waistband and walking towards the street.
“You’re coming with me?” She asked, making sure to walk faster than him. He allowed her to overtake him and chuckled behind her.
“Where else do I have to be? I’m suspended, remember?”
Hannah smiled and kept walking. She had to rescue her friends and stop Evelyn Carmichael.


Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading this week’s instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! Hannah will be back next Thursday for the next part of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there!
Christy Grace



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