Hannah Carmichael Chronicles


Your Briefing:

Hannah and her husband Zeke, were having a secret meeting on the beach when everything went black. They have been taken. What will happen when Hannah wakes up? Who has taken them? What do they want? Hannah is undercover at CGT, the crooked spy agency, trying to take them down from the inside. Zeke is currently on suspension as Hannah’s handler from his job with the real government. A USB drive containing plans necessary for a terrorist attack that Hannah’s mother – Evelyn Carmichael – needs is being guarded by Hannah. Trying to track her down, Hannah and her fellow undercover agents Stephanie and Ian, had lost the trail. When Hannah wakes up, who has taken her? Does CGT know her secret? Is Evelyn resurfacing?




The sound of a faint whistling woke Hannah and she groaned. Her head was throbbing and she tried to move her hands to her head. When they wouldn’t budge she tried again and felt them trapped behind her back, surrounded by a rope.
Her eyes shot open and she waited to adjust to the light. She was tied to a pole in a dim and dirty warehouse with shattered windows open to her left and right. Wind rippled through what used to be curtains still attached and Hannah shivered. Hannah’s eyes stopped on another person tied to a pole on the opposite side of the room. He seemed to be unconscious and Hannah tried to loosen her ties.
She stopped, knowing the restraints would only tighten the more she struggled, and instead turned her attention to the man. His head was bowed down at his chest and she could see his chest rise and fall. She tried to think; how did she get here?
The last thing she remembered was waves and sea air.
“Zeke?” Hannah hissed at her husband. The memory of before the drugs had returned and she looked around the warehouse room. No one was inside, so whoever had taken them must have a guard stationed outside the door.
“Zeke?” Hannah spoke louder and Zeke stirred, lifting his head and opening his eyes. He looked at her through foggy eyes and frowned.
“Zeke, snap out of it. I need you.” Hannah said, her voice sharp. Zeke shook his head and squinted his eyes, blinking at the light.
“What? How?” He started mumbling before his eyes widened. He fidgeted with his restraints then sighed and dropped his shoulders. Hannah took note of their best chance at escape and cleared her throat. Zeke looked up at her,
“Over there.” She motioned with her head towards the window which was equal distance between herself and Zeke. He followed her gaze and nodded, turning back.
“Not quite the reunion I was hoping for back at the beach.” He said, attempting a smile. Hannah rolled her eyes then smiled back.
The door behind her creaked open and she craned her neck. Watching Zeke’s reaction, Hannah caught her breath as he turned white.
“Hannah Dear, how nice of you to drop in.” The sound of Evelyn Carmichael’s voice sent a chill down her spine and Hannah sighed.
“Mother.” She said flatly. Evelyn circled around to face Hannah, smiling. Her mother looked tired, despite her attempt to hide the circles under her eyes with makeup.
“Hannah, I am growing tired of our games.” She said, turning and walking towards Zeke. A man wheeled in a table that was covered by a sheet and Zeke smiled.
“Mother Dear, how have you been?” He asked. Evelyn stopped walking, her hands twitching at her side. Hannah smiled, she hated it when Zeke called her Mother.
Evelyn continued walking towards Zeke and her guard rolled the small table next to her. Evelyn turned back to Hannah, her eyes dark.
“You know what I want, and I’m only going to ask nicely once more.” She glanced back at Zeke and Hannah swallowed.
“I don’t have it anymore Evelyn.” Hannah replied. Evelyn shook her head and turned to the table, whipping the sheet off. Instruments Hannah was all too familiar with lined a silver tray on the table. Evelyn picked up a small knife and spun it in her hand.
“I gave it to Stephanie,” Hannah said, her tone uneven. She tried to slow her breathing to keep herself calm and Evelyn smiled. She turned and ran the flat end of the blade against Zeke’s chest.
“I would ordinarily believe you. But you see Dear,” Evelyn moved the knife and the point lifted to Zeke’s neck. “Stephanie and Ian are in the other room.”
Hannah raised her eyebrows and tried to calculate their best escape options.
“They’ve already been searched and,” Evelyn paused and turned to face Hannah, a dark smile on her face. “Questioned.”
Turning back to Zeke, Evelyn took a deep breath.
“Go ahead,” Hannah’s words caused raised eyebrows in the room and Evelyn spun.
“Go ahead and what?” She spat out. Hannah kept her tone even and nodded towards Zeke,
“Go ahead and kill him.”
Evelyn shook her head and started to click her tongue. “Am I detecting some marital problems?” She asked, her eyes sparkling with a mischievous gleam.
“He lied to me. You were right.” Hannah said, trying not to meet Zeke’s eye. Evelyn took a step towards Hannah and studied her face. Finally she smiled and started to laugh.
“You can try dear, but you can’t fool your own Mother.” She moved back to Zeke and slid the blade on the side of his left arm, giving him a shallow cut. He winced but remained silent. Hannah exhaled and struggled against her restraints.
Her bluff had failed. She couldn’t hide her love for Zeke, and her Mother knew her too well.
“Fine.” Hannah said,
“No Hannah, don’t tell her anything.” Zeke’s words cause Evelyn’s face to scrunch. She used her other hand to slap him across the face. Hannah tried to reach forward and took a breath.
“I still have the drive.” Hannah said quickly. Evelyn turned and smiled.
“I knew you did, Dear.” Evelyn’s calm and smooth charm returned and Hannah resisted the urge to roll her eyes.
“It’s not here.” Hannah said simply, hanging her head slightly.
“Well, where is it then?” Evelyn’s voice was impatient and Hannah tried to hide the smile on her face before she looked back up at her Mother.
“I have to take you to it.”


Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading this week’s instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! Hannah will be back next Thursday for the next part of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there!
Christy Grace

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