Hannah Carmichael Chronicles (ELEVEN)


In the Last Instalment:

Hannah was searching for her missing husband. Her mother, Evelyn Carmichael, seems to know his location if she would tell her where a mysterious drive was located. After being warned that Zeke is not who he appeared to be, Hannah spotted him before he disappeared again during a drive by. With her colleagues she has known since training at a mysterious spy agency, Hannah was close to finding Zeke and what Evelyn wanted with the drive containing some sort of plans, when her agency was attacked. In amongst the large firepower, was none other than her husband Zeke. What will happen next?

Hannah sat in the small white room and stared at the small camera in front of her. No two way mirror in the room meant it was a serious interrogation. She tapped her foot and tried to keep her breathing even.

Zeke was a traitor. Her husband.

First her mother, then her husband. Hannah took a deep breath and rolled her neck. By her count, she had been in the room for an hour without any contact. She hadn’t seen where Stephanie had ended up in the attack. Hopefully she had been captured and not the alternative.

The door to the room opened and Hannah didn’t move, maintaining her focus point. A familiar smell of cologne hit her instantly and her bottom lip trembled slightly.

“I would have thought spouses interrogating each other would be against protocol.” Hannah said, her voice calm and cold. As Zeke sat across from her, she saw his eyebrow twitch. She smiled slightly at his tell that he was irritated at her.

“Hannah,” his voice was soft and he glanced at the camera.

“Is your name Zeke Anderson? Because as far as I know everything has been a lie.” Hannah said, leaning back a little in her chair. Zeke sighed,

“My name is Special Agent Zeke Anderson with the Defence Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group.” He said, pulling out his credentials. Hannah scoffed,

“That’s quite a mouthful. Too bad they don’t have actual agents.” She said, frowning. “Just a bunch of politicians and lawyer types deciding policy.”

Zeke cleared his throat and stared at her, raising his left eyebrow. Hannah rolled her eyes and sighed.

“Fine. You work for the government.” She raised both hands and pursed her lips. “So do I. So what’s with the raid?” She glanced at the camera then back to her husband. He looked away briefly, returning her gaze with pity filling his eyes. She frowned and tilted her head.

“The agency you work for – CGT, it’s not,” he paused and she shrugged.

“Not what, Zeke?” She asked, resisting the urge to stand and pace. He reached out his hand and put it over hers. She looked down, swallowing hard and taking a breath before pulling her hand away.

They sat for a moment in silence until Zeke exhaled loudly.

“CGT recruits by claiming to be a secret branch of the ASIS, right?” He asked, leaning back in his chair and folding his arms across his chest. She looked back up and frowned,

“What if they do?” She asked, the cold edge in her voice returning. Zeke tilted his head and shook it slightly.

“CGT is a terrorist organization masking as a part of the government.” Zeke said, shrugging. “Pretty much like every spy movie or TV show you’ve ever seen.”

Hannah scoffed and rolled her eyes again.

“What evidence do you have of this claim?”

“We are the actual government.” He said, giving a small smile.

“Is that why you married me?” She asked, her voice softer. He sat motionless for a moment then looked at the camera.

“It’s why I started a relationship with you, in the beginning.” He said, clearing his throat. “When we realized you actually believed you were doing good…” his voice trailed off and she exhaled forcefully.

“What do you want from me?” She asked, avoiding his gaze and looking into the camera.

“We left doors open for CGT to continue because we want them to lead us to Evelyn.” Zeke stood and knocked on the door. It opened and David Donohue cautiously entered behind Zeke. Hannah chuckled and rolled her eyes,

“Of course he’s working with you.” She said, shaking her head.

“When we came across him in your interrogation room, we flipped him.” Zeke said, motioning for David to leave again.

“We want you to go back in.” Zeke said, sitting back down.

She raised her eyebrows then frowned.

“What makes you think I would help you?” She asked, leaning as far back in her chair as possible.

“You mean apart from having no choice?” Zeke asked, not hiding the irritation anymore. She scoffed,

“Nice persuasion technique. Where did you train?” She asked, smiling. Zeke took a deep breath and smiled back.

“You want to do the right thing. It’s why I,” he stopped and cleared his throat. She shook her head and squared her shoulders.

“Fine. I’ll help you take down CGT on one condition.”

Zeke shrugged and she stood,

“Anyone else who didn’t know about CGT goes free.” She said, standing as tall as she could. Zeke stayed seated and looked towards the door as someone outside opened it. Hannah looked over to the agent standing in the doorway.

“Deal.” Zeke said, looking down at his paperwork. She nodded and walked towards the door.

“It was real Hannah. Us I mean.” Zeke’s voice stopped her for a moment and she looked back, trying to keep any tears from escaping.

“How can I believe that?” She asked, turning and walking through the door.

Tune in for another instalment in two weeks!

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