Hannah Carmichael Chronicles (TEN)


In the Last Instalment:
Hannah’s mother, Evelyn Carmichael – a traitor, breached Hannah’s agency and blew up an elevator, escaping inside the building. After a mysterious drive she thinks Hannah and her agency have, Evelyn searched the building and narrowly escaped. However, her associate did not. With the associate in custody, will Hannah get answers on what Evelyn is up to? What is on the drive? How is she going to use it?
Zeke, Hannah’s husband, has been missing for 11 days and after seeing him briefly with an agent of Cara Stone, a former trainee for Hannah’s agency, he disappeared again. Where did he go? How did he escape the flying bullets unharmed, and is he who she thinks he is? She has been warned that he is more than he seems, so is he? How does Zeke fit into Evelyn’s plans?
Find out answers in TEN – with new mysteries to explore after the break!

Hannah watched through the two way mirror into the interrogation room. They had run the prints of Evelyn’s associate and identified him as David Donohue, a man for hire. Ian had been with him for over three hours without success.
Stephanie opened the door to the viewing room and moved beside Hannah.
“Anything yet?” she asked. Hannah shook her head,
“No.” She said as Ian walked over and pulled down the blinds.
Hannah sighed and shook her head. This interrogation tactic always left a bad taste in her mouth. She turned and opened the door,
“What are you doing?” Stephanie asked, trailing behind her. Hannah moved into the hall and knocked on the interrogation room door.
“I’m going to get answers,” she turned and raised an eyebrow. “The right way.”
Ian opened the door and frowned,
“What?” he asked, his tone sharp. Hannah raised her eyebrows and he shrunk back. She was his superior after all.
“Take a break,” she said, motioning away from the room. Ian started to speak then stopped and shrugged, moving past her. Stephanie entered the room behind Hannah and closed the door as Hannah took a seat opposite David.
They sat silently for a moment, staring at each other without flinching. Hannah smiled,
“Mr Donohue. I’m fully aware that you aren’t planning on answering any questions.” Hannah paused and looked over to where Stephanie was leaning against the wall.
“But my associate over there doesn’t like silence.” Stephanie smiled and shrugged.
“So I’m going to skip ahead of the offers of deals. Let’s face it,” Hannah paused and chuckled.
“They aren’t going to happen anyway.”
David raised his eyebrows, the first movement since he had entered the room.
“Honesty? Refreshing.” David said quietly, shifting slightly in his seat.
“Yes.” Hannah leaned back and crossed her arms over her chest.
“If you’ve been working for Evelyn for a while, you would know as well as I do that she isn’t going to come for you.”
David shrugged at Hannah’s observation and she smiled.
“From what I hear, she sacrificed you to get out of the building.” Hannah smiled slightly as David let a flash of betrayal through his defence walls.
“So I’m going to come at this another way. You know who I am,” Hannah paused and waited for David to nod. “I know Evelyn, more than anyone else in this building.” Hannah motioned towards Stephanie and leaned forward.
“So trust me when I say that you have only a small window before Evelyn makes sure you aren’t a loose end.”
David swallowed hard and kept staring at Hannah. She glanced at her watch and clicked her tongue.
“Time is ticking.” Looking back up at David, she smiled softly. “The only ‘deal’ that I can actually get you, is to protect you from Evelyn in solitary.” Hannah stood and pushed her chair back.
“So unless you tell me what Evelyn wants with the drive, I would be saying my final prayers.” Hannah moved towards the door and Stephanie opened it, spreading out her palm to motion for Hannah to leave first.
“Wait,” David said calmly. Hannah smiled and turned,
“The drive has plans on it.” David sighed and Hannah sat again, interlacing her fingers.
“Plans for what?” She asked as Stephanie moved out of the room, closing the door behind her.
“She’s planning an attack. All I know, is that she needs them by next Friday.”
Hannah exhaled and nodded, standing and moving to the door. As she turned the knob, she looked over her shoulder,
“Where is Zeke?” She asked quietly. David looked up, frowning.
“You really don’t know, do you?” He asked, shaking his head.
Darkness filled the room and the emergency alarm sounded. Hannah opened the door fully to see agents running past in the hallway. She heard David pulling at his cuffs and turned. They were still attached to the table and Hannah closed the door, grabbing an agent.
“Guard that room!” She shouted above the alarm. Running towards the war room, Hannah passed Stephanie and doubled back.
“What’s going on?” Hannah asked as they ran, trying to be heard above the noise.
“Someone cut the power and got in without tripping the alarm!” Stephanie yelled back as they turned the corner. The main space of their floor was in chaos with agents yelling and running towards the weapons room. The emergency generator kicked over and the secondary lights flickered on.
The sudden sounds of windows shattering was deafening and Hannah ducked out of instinct. Gun fire and shouts filled the room as armour covered men and women breached the fourteenth floor.
Hannah felt Stephanie pushing a gun into her hand and she turned, smiling at her friend. They nodded at each other and split up, aiming and firing at the intruders.
Hannah ducked behind a desk and breathed deeply before reaching up and aiming at the closest enemy.
“Agent Anderson they’re scattering!” The sound of her husband’s last name distracted her and she swung to her left.
Through a helmet, Hannah saw Zeke pointing and shouting orders. He turned and paused when he saw her.



Tune in Thursday’s for more adventures with the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles – And watch out for the Flashback instalment soon!

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