Hannah Carmichael Chronicles (FIVE)


In the Last Instalment:

Evelyn and her associates had disappeared in a room without doors or windows. Hannah and Stephanie found a tunnel leading out to the street where Evelyn was nowhere to be seen. As they started the search, Hannah raced over to the coffee shop across the street where she thought she saw Zeke.

Where did Evelyn go? Was the person Hannah saw really Zeke? Who is Zeke?



“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” Stephanie asked, putting her hand on her hip. Her satin gown wrinkled ever so slightly as she frowned and tapped her foot. Hannah laughed at her friend through the mirror and pulled at her veil to straighten it.
“I love Zeke and I want to marry him.” She said, turning to face Stephanie. Hannah put her hand on Stephanie’s shoulder and smiled. Her friend returned the smile and they turned back to the mirror.
The doors to the bridal suite opened and Evelyn Carmichael walked in. Stephanie reached into the dresser drawer and pulled out her gun. She aimed it at Evelyn and Hannah put a hand on Stephanie’s shoulder, taking a step closer to her mother.
“Hello Dear.” Evelyn said, slowly raising her hands.
“What are you doing here?” Hannah asked as Evelyn lowered her hands and shrugged.
“It’s my daughter’s wedding day. I came to give congratulations.”
Stephanie scoffed and peered out the window to the grounds below them where the guests were gathering. Hannah took a deep breath and squared her shoulders.
“You need to leave.” She said, taking a step closer to where her spare gun sat underneath the pile of clothes she had arrived in.
“You have several agencies after you Evelyn.” Stephanie said, her gun still aimed at Hannah’s mother. Evelyn chuckled and gave her a cold stare.
“I came to warn you.” Evelyn spat out, taking a step closer to Hannah. Stephanie cocked her gun and Evelyn shook her head, exhaling. She looked over to Hannah who had taken another step closer to her own gun.
“Zeke is not who you think he is darling.” Evelyn glanced at Stephanie and nodded out the window. “Those people down there don’t care about you. I’m the only one-“
“You?” Hannah choked out, trying to keep tears from smearing her makeup. “You’re the liar. The traitor.” Hannah took another step back and felt the chair hitting her leg. Evelyn sighed and shrugged.
“Fine Dear, have it your way.” She spun and walked back towards the door, pausing as she pulled at the handle. She turned her head back to look at Hannah and smiled. “When you do find out who Zeke really is-“
“I know who he is.” Hannah interrupted, pulling out her gun and aiming it at her mother. Evelyn scoffed and turned,
“Toodaloo.” Her mother’s voice echoed in the hallway as the sound of her heels disappeared. Hannah lowered her gun and Stephanie moved to the door, stepping out into the hallway and disappearing.
Hannah tossed the gun back onto the chair and moved over to her phone on the dresser, calling in Evelyn’s location.


The sounds of traffic behind her faded away as Hannah stared through the window at her husband. Zeke was sitting and looking out the opposite window, a large man in a suit sitting next to him.
Stephanie put a hand on Hannah’s shoulder and she turned to face her friend. Stephanie put her finger to her lips and motioned with her head to the entry. Four civilians were seated inside the café and Zeke and his babysitter were in the back corner.
Hannah checked for her weapon and smoothed her shirt over it. Before they could move, tyres screeched around the corner. They looked behind them and the barrel of a gun appeared through the rear seat of a green sedan.
“Gun!” Stephanie yelled, dropping to the ground and pulling Hannah with her.
“No!” Hannah yelled as the gun fired into the coffee shop. Glass shattered around them and screams echoed in the street. When the firing stopped, the car revved and Hannah lifted her head. Stephanie pushed herself up, drew her weapon and ran towards the vehicle.
Hannah stood, glass falling to the ground from her back. She breathed heavily and watched as Stephanie disappeared down the street, yelling into her comms. Groaning to her left pulled Hannah’s focus and she stopped breathing.
Hannah stepped over the door frame and cautiously walked through the coffee shop. The woman who had been closest to the window lay face down on the floor, blood pooling underneath her. Hannah closed her eyes briefly then looked over to the other end of the shop.
A staff member peeked his head over the counter then down again. Stephanie entered the shop and Hannah nodded towards the counter.
“Anyone there? We’re here to help!” Stephanie said, slowly making her way over to the counter. Hannah turned and walked to where Zeke had been sitting. She pushed a chair out of the way and dropped to her knees.
The man who had been sitting with Zeke was lying on the floor, wounds becoming more prominent in several places. She pushed through the rubble until she felt a hand on her shoulder.
“Hannah.” Stephanie said softly, squatting next to Hannah on the floor. Hannah took a shaky breath,
“he’s not here.”


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