Hannah Carmichael Chronicles (THREE)

In the Last Instalment:

Hannah has been taken captive by her Mother, Evelyn, while on the hunt to find the mysterious Zeke. With Evelyn’s goons at her side, she agrees to tell Hannah where Zeke is, IF she tells her where ‘It’ is. Hannah is trapped until she sees a red spot appear on Evelyn’s forehead.

Will Hannah Escape?


Evelyn laughed until she saw Hannah’s unwavering smile. She clicked her fingers at the men behind Hannah and they looked over to the red spot on Evelyn. Yelling, they dove at Evelyn, tackling her to the ground.

Hannah ducked to the floor as glass smashed around her and black ropes came falling to the ground. She jumped up and kept her head down as agents in black body armor slid down the ropes. Evelyn and her minions fired shots and ran towards the exit. Hannah reached to click on her earpiece.

“Target on the move!” She yelled, as the agents reached the ground and chased after Evelyn and her company. A woman appeared next to Hannah and took off her helmet. Pulling out a gun she handed it to Hannah with a smile. It was Stephanie.

“All according to plan?” She asked, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a packet of gum. Hannah rolled her eyes and ran towards the back exit to the building. Stephanie followed behind, gun raised. Hannah paused and looked out the small window, the smudges blocking a clear view. She squinted and saw a red and two black figures skulk past.

Smiling, Hannah nodded back to Stephanie and put up her fingers, counting them down from three. She pushed open the door and moved out into the small hallway. Evelyn’s red dress disappeared around the corner and Hannah glanced back at Stephanie, pointing in that direction. She moved as quickly and quietly as she could, throwing her back against the wall.

Hannah peered around the corner and saw two of the men from earlier fiddling with a key to the office door. Hannah pulled back and turned to Stephanie.

“Evelyn and two idiots fumbling with a key to the office.” Hannah relayed.

Stephanie whispered the information into her comms and Hannah took a breath, looking back around the corner. Evelyn spotted her and smiled, lifting a gun and firing. Pulling back, Hannah heard Stephanie shift behind her.

“Shots fired!” Stephanie yelled. Hannah moved around the corner, firing her weapon. Bullets were fired back from the men while Evelyn worked on the key to the door. Hannah moved across to the wall on the other side of the hallway and took a breath. Looking down she checked; they had missed.

Stephanie remained on the other wall and they glance at each other, nodding. Guns raised they turned the corner and advanced, firing their weapons. They paused and lowered their guns.

They had disappeared.

Hannah and Stephanie shared a glance then ran towards the office. With the door wide open, they positioned themselves on either side and Stephanie peered inside. A shot was fired and she pulled back, breathing heavily.

“Give up Evelyn! You are outnumbered and outgunned!” Hannah breathed in deeply between sentences. She leaned forward, trying to look inside the room through the reflection of the window in the adjoining door.

“There is no way out of that room.” Hannah said, her voice calm. A laugh echoed from inside.

“I’ll never tell you where Zeke is!” Evelyn yelled. Hannah looked over to where Stephanie was shaking her head.

Hannah ignored her and breathed in deeply. She turned the corner, gun raised. Clearing the room from left to right, Hannah dropped her gun and sighed.

They were gone.

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