Disney Vs Pixar | Classic Debates

I don’t know how relevant this debate is anymore, but let’s take a stab at it shall we!

In recent years Disney has been leaning more into the ‘woke’ ideologies, and even though we can see some of those things throughout the decades, it has really hurt their bottom line. The classics that we know still perform well, but the new movies and shows they are coming out with tend to not be hitting the same, or offering the same instant marketability that they used to.

Don’t get me wrong, there is an occasional hit – like the recent movies of Moana, and Frozen (and when I say recent, I mean more so in the past ten years rather than two)… but does that mean Disney is still the superpower it once was? Does it mean that every movie they come out with is not an instant success push Pixar to the top spot?

If there is still a divide (which I don’t think there really is anymore…. potentially), I actually DO have a side of the fence where I sit. I’m Disney over Pixar all the way. Back in the day, yes Pixar gave us Toy Story – something that most of us are grateful for, however the movies coming out now seem pretty different. Pixar fall more on the side of ‘woke’ and unusual ideas, but Disney still have a little more of the old school charm in them… don’t believe me? Let’s explore..

I always saw Pixar and Disney hand in hand, and that every few movies or so, it would be the dream team, then just Disney by themselves once again…. Movies like Toy Story were the beginning of the partnership, and the animation style was very different than Disney had been doing before. The continuation of advancement in animation made some amazing partnerships, and eventually a takeover.

In 2006 Disney bought out Pixar, and since then all we see is the combination of the two – if not in name, then in company. With Disney also buying out many other projects, they seem to be an unstoppable super power… or are they? According to my own research on the topic, Pixar’s approach to creating movies are more along the lines of ‘wouldn’t it be cool if…’ but Disney has more of a focus on the ‘once upon a time’ stories.*

I don’t hear many people debate which are the better movies anymore – particularly because Disney and Pixar work under the same banner these days. Let’s take a quick look however, in the more recent Disney, or Disney/Pixar films and see which side of the fence that YOU fall on in terms of better movies:



So, which side do you fall on? Do you maintain that Disney is better, or are those colabs with Pixar the movies that YOU love? Share in the comments, because I’d love to know!

See You in the Adventures
Christy Grace

*See this reference

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