Teenage Oceans 11? | Heist Society Reviews

A group of teenagers – some billionaires, and the others part of a family of long time thieves and con artists… what could go wrong?

Okay, a lot could go wrong. Most particularly, going to prison or being killed – two of the most common consequences of living as a criminal. But, somehow Ally Carter makes us root for the criminals, and we have some heist books in this series that were funny, somehow relatable, and altogether fun!

I enjoyed her other series about teenage spies – The Gallagher Girls – but it took me a while to grab these ones. The teenage spies are more intriguing, but the thieves were downright entertaining! I love a good heist story, and this for me, was it. So let’s go over the three main books in the Heist Society trilogy:

Heist Society

Fun story, easy to read, interesting plot and characters with great comedy and wit. Love Ally’s style and the ‘underground’ worlds she creates.

I was excited to see the romance, the character relationships and the antics to continue in the next book. It was a fun and a little nod to all the con movies out there!

*4 stars

Uncommon Criminals

Apparently I didn’t write an original review for this one but let’s see how good my memory is.

I liked the arc of our main character – knowing her family is a criminal business and not really wanting to be part of it, but knowing she will be whether she wants to or not. It’s got lots of anguish in what you’re born into, vs what you want to do and good vs bad.

The heist was fun, but very different to the previous story. I liked the twists and turns that we took, and as always the romance and fun character interactions was everything.

*4 stars

Perfect Scoundrels

Again no review so here’s my memory.

This was the least favourite of mine in the series. The final story took a very different turn than the previous. It was less heist, and more con/investigation.

The billionaire character I briefly mentioned above is supposed to inherit the entire business but there’s something evil afoot. It was more trying to make sure he keeps his money (if he even wanted it) and less pulling off the perfect heist for people who had been stolen from first…

*3 stars

If we look at the series as a whole, I would say that it was a 4 Star series. The planning of heists, and the heists themselves (by teenagers at that) was really what drew and kept my attention. They were funny and had lots of wit and bite between them, and I really enjoyed that as well.

It did seem like as the series continued, Ally lost what made the magic… maybe? But either way it is still a very enjoyable few books, and even though I’m not a teenager anymore, some YA can be read at any age. For me, this series is one of them.

Have you read this series? Or maybe another heist book or series that you loved? Let us know in the comments your HEIST recommendations!

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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