I read 17,000+ pages | 2022 Reading Stats

Okay, so it might be the end of the first week in January, BUT I decided to share what the stats of my reading last year (2022) were!

It was really the first year that I was properly recording and paying attention to my reading seriously, so here we go:

Overall a basic book count of 60 – with 17,917 pages in all. This included all genres, types and paces. The major theme or “mood” that I read was lighthearted books, followed by mysterious and adventurous/funny.

I have to admit that I was surprised this was surprised at this – normally I tend to read a lot of crime/thriller books, but this year I really opened my sphere of reading, so there you go!

Mostly fast paced books, with a lot of medium as well. Also majority of the books were 300-499 words.

80% were fiction books and an impressive (for me anyway), 20% non-fiction! And yes, most of the reasons for this was because I went back to study and you better believe I counted most of those books as what I read this year – they took up a lot of my time.

Genre again surprised me, with a lot of Romance topping the list. Some of that is combined genre (eg. Romantic Suspense or YA books with romance elements), but over all Romance and YA were most of my reading. With a dash of mystery underneath it.

My format was AGAIN a huge surprise to me. I ended up listening to a lot more audiobooks than I thought – partially due to the Christmas season where I travelled a bit to work every day and wanted to get my Christmas reading in as well. But there was also a few ebooks that topped the charts too.

My average rating hit a 3.66 out of 5 stars – which did surprise me a little. I tend to pick up books either because I know I will like them, or out of curiosity. With scores like these, I must not have been very impressed with those other picks this year.

Also, at a glance, here are a few of my 5 star reads for the year!

Overall, I surprised myself at not only the books I chose to read, but also the amount! If I compare that with 2021, it was a HUGE increase. So I’m proud of the books, and reading that I did last year, how about you?

What goals did you hit? It doesn’t always matter the amount, but more the personal achievements. What reading did you find the BEST last year?

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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