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This latest podcast episode, is VERY special to me. I’m announcing my partnership with an organisation that fights against a very serious social justice issue!

I decided early on in my decision to publish, that I was going to bring awareness to an issue that needed to be address. We can’t let injustice be okay. We need to make our voices heard, and the victims voices heard. When Kidnapped Entanglement is released, a portion of the money will go towards this issue and bring freedom. If you want to hear more about the amazing partnership I have, check out the episode – PARTNER WITH A CAUSE:


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This is only one of a bunch of cool podcast episodes! I’ll be talking about being a Full Time V Part Time Writer soon, and I’m excited to share the writing journey with you.
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I talk about things like my ‘Method Writing’ approach, my editing woes, and all the ins and outs of self publishing a book!

To do your part, you can check out the A21 website below and learn more. Spread awareness, and don’t leave the responsibility to others – we should all do our part.


See You in The Adventures!

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