Jerry Lewis Fingers…

Type until your fingers bleed has never had such a vivid meaning… until now!

I always thought that saying (until your fingers bleed) was silly… until I started using a typewriter.

It was the most unusual experience to be typing away (quite quickly, I should add – thanks touch typing training!) and realise that I’m smearing blood from my fingers onto the keys. It comes down to how quickly, and how forcefully I type I suppose…

However, even with the hand cramps, the bleeding, and the ribbon jamming and running out too quickly – I love using a typewriter! So much, that I’d even do the Jerry Lewis classic typewriter without a typewriter sketch…

Jerry Lewis The Typewriter GIF | Gfycat

It seems a dying art these days, but there’s just something about using a typewriter vs a modern keyboard. I use Apple computers, so my keyboards are usually thin and flat, with not a lot of bounce between keys. Of course, I could always plug another type of keyboard into my computer, but what’s the point of that?

Truth is, I do like using a computer keyboard too, but when it comes to first drafts – typewriters all the way!!

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Would you like to hear the clacking of keys, and risk the bleeding, of a typewriter session?

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2 thoughts on “Jerry Lewis Fingers…”

  1. Typewriters are so cool and I grew up watching their evolution from the stiff black ones I saw in my school office to the electronic display ones my mum used to use. Too bad I can’t justify their costs right now, but I did once have a mechanical keyboard (MX blue switches) that clicked and clacked like a classic typewriter. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Ooooh that sounds cool! I’ve seen more electronic typewriters, but for me you just can’t beat the old school ones 😀
      I got mine from eBay second hand for like $50, which wasn’t a heap of money, but some of them I understand are quite a bit more than that. Then you have to pay for the ribbons, but I understand that $$ can be tight (ESPECIALLY right now) for particular brands and types 🙂
      There’s just something about the sound and feel for me that a normal keyboard will never beat 😛


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