HCC: Asleep on Duty + Sneak Peek

Asleep on Duty! Does that mean a Court Martial?

Maybe if they were in the military.

Stephanie has fallen asleep while guarding the door outside Baxter’s room. Once an agent working to take down CGT, Baxter turned to the dark side and is now working For CGT.

While being questioned and guarded, he somehow got hold of a way to contact CGT and let them know what Hannah and the team has discovered about Cataclysm.

How will Hannah deal with this situation? Will she be able to stop Baxter from telling them anything else, like where The Palace (their headquarters) is located?

Check out the VERY SPECIAL Sneak Peek below!



Hannah kicked Stephanie and she snorted awake.
Raising her finger onto her lips, Hannah watched as Stephanie frowned then looked at the light around the door frame. Behind the door, Baxter was updating someone at CGT and Hannah’s weapon was already drawn.


Hannah and her Team will be back SOON, but will they be able to stop Baxter’s communication with CGT, and Cataclysm?

Hannah Carmichael Chronicles ONLY on Christy Grace Scarlet Pen – Hannah and I look forward to seeing you then!

Christy Grace

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