HCC: The Accounts File

Can Accounting save the Country? Numbers – are they the key to taking down the evil spy agency CGT?

Hannah and Stephanie found a CGT ACCOUNTS file hidden in a secret panel of a CGT agent. Along with the file, they found that CGT knows their deaths were exaggerated, and are hot on their trail.

On their way to deliver the incriminating files, the man who they thought was their ally, Baxter – a spy with the Defence Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group claiming to be working with Hannah and the team, turned his gun on them. Trying valiantly to save them, Zeke got caught in the cross hairs and has been shot!

Will the File hold important information to take down CGT? Will Hannah, Stephanie and Zeke get out of this alive? Is Zeke dead from a gunshot wound, or has he somehow survived?

Hannah and the Team will be back on 2 Tuesday July, but will they finally have the ammunition against CGT that they need?

Hannah Carmichael Chronicles ONLY on ChristyGraceScarlettPen – Hannah and I look forward to seeing you then!

Christy Grace

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