The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles


Your Briefing:

Hannah Carmichael: Superspy, undercover to take down CGT spy agency, chasing Evelyn Carmichael (Mother and known criminal). Status: Unknown – having been shot while being transferred to Maximum Security prison.
Zeke Anderson: Husband, working with the government to take down CGT. Status: Believed to be dead by CGT and worldwide. Going UNDERCOVER while CGT thinks he is dead.
Stephanie Winchester: Best friend and fellow spy – also undercover. Status: Unknown after a shooting while being moved to a Maximum security prison.
Baxter: Zeke’s partner, working to take down CGT.
Was Hannah killed? Zeke was at the transfer, but did he get to her in time?



A soft buzzing started to grow louder as Hannah Carmichael felt life return to her body. She gasped for air and opened her eyes, pulling herself up. Her head spun and she looked around the large room. She was in a morgue with a man lying on a metal table next to her; his eyes permanently open.
She shivered and tried to focus on the last thing she remembered. A man with dark hair and thick, black glasses stood from a chair in the corner and walked towards her. She took a few deep breaths and rolled her eyes.
“You’d think a government agent could find a better way to rescue someone than almost killing his wife.”
Zeke frowned and folded his arms across his chest, “How did you know it was me?” he asked. Hannah attempted a chuckle then pushed through a coughing fit. When she had caught her breath, she looked up to Zeke, now with his hand on her back.
“Dyed hair and glasses doesn’t work quite as well for a disguise as you think Hun.”
Zeke frowned, “it worked for Clark Kent.”
Hannah rolled her eyes and tried to manoeuvre herself off the cold table she was on. “I always thought that was ridiculous anyway. The people close to him would have known who Clark really was.”
Zeke chuckled and helped her flip her legs over the edge of the table. He stopped her when she tried to stand and she sighed, staying where she was.
“Where are we? Where’s Steph?” Hannah asked, looking at the door to the morgue.
“We’re close to the prison you were about to be put into,” he paused and raised his left eyebrow, “you’re welcome by the way.”
Hannah scoffed then smiled and Zeke nodded, helping her to her feet.
“We used a special poisoned bullet. Looked like you were bleeding out, really we just shut down your visible signs of life, temporarily.”
She stumbled as she put her feet under her and Zeke lifted her back onto the table. “It has quite a kick, so you may need to stay here just a bit longer,” he smiled and she groaned.
“What about Steph?” she asked again, her breathing getting faster.
“She’s in the other room, listening to her Doctor and staying put while the drug wears off.” He smiled and narrowed his eyes. Hannah shook her head, smiling in return.
“Fine. What about the real Medical Examiners of this fine establishment?” she asked, looking at the dead man next to her. This was a real morgue, but she hadn’t seen any staff yet.
“We bribed a few people. Paramedics, Medical Examiners, drivers. They’ve all agreed that Hannah Carmichael and Stephanie Winchester were killed by an unknown assassin.”
Hannah nodded and took a few deep breaths, closing her eyes while her body readjusted. Zeke cleared his throat and she opened her eyes as Stephanie and Baxter walked into the room. Hannah and Stephanie shared a smile,
“I see you’ve got quite the hangover as well.” Stephanie said, chuckling softly. Hannah smiled wider and Stephanie sat on a nearby chair.
“So what now?” Steph asked, looking between Baxter, Zeke and Hannah.
“Well,” Zeke said, taking a step closer to Baxter and Stephanie. “We’re sort of on our own right now. The government doesn’t know I’m working this anymore. After what happened, they asked me to stand down from this assignment; but with CGT thinking I’m dead-”
“It was the perfect opportunity to slide him in undercover,” Baxter finished, crossing his arms. “He’s got a job at a newspaper which we believe is linked to CGT. Zeke is trying to learn what he can from them. As a newspaper, they’re in the information gathering business anyway. It’s a perfect cover.”
Hannah nodded and took a deep breath, “No government permission, no help and shaky leads?”
They looked at her and she smiled, “Sounds like fun.”


Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading this week’s instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! Hannah will be back Thursday for the next part of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there!
Christy Grace


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