The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles


Your Briefing:

Hannah Carmichael: Superspy, undercover to take down CGT spy agency, chasing Evelyn Carmichael (Mother and known criminal). Status: Currently in JAIL for her mother’s crimes. About to be moved into a maximum security prison.
Zeke Anderson: Husband, working with the government to take down CGT. Status: Believed to be dead by CGT and worldwide. Going UNDERCOVER while CGT thinks he is dead.
Stephanie Winchester: Best friend and fellow spy – also undercover. Currently in JAIL for Evelyn Carmichael’s crimes. About to be moved into a maximum security prison.
Baxter: Zeke’s partner, working to take down CGT.
With Zeke going to the prison transfer, can he get Hannah and Stephanie out alive?



Hannah exhaled, a bead of sweat falling down her face from the heat in the truck. She lifted her cuffed hands and tried to swipe it away. The guard in front of her lifted his weapon slightly, and she rolled her eyes.
“It’s pretty hot in here. I don’t suppose we could put the air conditioner on?” She asked, watching the guard scoff. The truck jerked to a stop and Hannah took a breath, as the door opened. Flashes forced her to squint her eyes and the guard grabbed her arm, pushing her forward through the door.
When she opened her eyes fully, Hannah saw Stephanie being led in front of her and towards a large, maximum security prison. Reporters with cameras and microphones stood to the side, flashing pictures and yelling out questions.

“Miss Carmichael, was this your plan all along? Was your mother just a cover?”
“Miss Winchester, are you still claiming innocence?”
“Miss Carmichael, do you regret the people you’ve hurt?”

Hannah angled herself away from the cameras, trying to focus instead, on the guns pointed in her direction. Even if she wanted to attempt an escape, she would most likely get shot. Behind her, she heard Stephanie complaining to the guards about the lack of security and Hannah rolled her eyes. She glanced again at the reporters and a man caught her eye. She squinted again, this time trying to focus on his face.
He had dark hair, thick glasses and was wearing a tailored suit. Somehow, he looked familiar. The guard behind her pushed her forward and she groaned as she stumbled forward. When she looked up again, the man was gone and she scanned the crowd, still walking towards the fortress ahead of her. She caught the mysterious man again, trying to place him. Her mind suddenly clicked and she smiled as he winked at her.
Hannah looked to her left and right, trying to figure out his plan. A shot echoed in the air and the reporters started yelling. Hannah felt her breathing stop and she looked down to her chest, red starting to flow.
The guard behind her pushed her onto the ground and Hannah felt her world collapse into darkness once again.


Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading this week’s instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! Hannah will be back Tomorrow for the next part of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there!
Christy Grace

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