The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles

Your Briefing:

CGT is a spy agency who claim to be working for the good of the nation and the world. Hannah Carmichael is an agent with CGT, but her husband Zeke Anderson, showed her that CGT was only working for their own profits, not the good of the people. She had been living a lie. Hannah was also chasing down her a woman who was planning a dangerous attack – her mother, Evelyn Carmichael. While doing so, she was held against her will by Amanda, a mysterious woman high up in CGT who claims to have proof that Zeke is the one working for his own profits. Hannah is asked to take out the danger to society. What will she do? She has already agreed, secretly knowing Amanda is lying. Find out what happens next now.


Hannah’s shoulder bumped into Stephanie and she sighed. The road was getting smoother but Hannah felt the nausea remain. Stephanie was watching the other agents inside the CGT van as they prepared their weapons.
She cleared her throat and looked at Bill, the agent that had been put in charge.
“So, if Zeke is where I told you he would be, are we just going to get out and…” she paused and used her finger to slice it across her own throat. Bill smiled,
“That’s the boss’ orders.” He said, looking back to the gun in his hands. Beside her, Stephanie took in a short, sharp breath. Hannah put a hand on Steph’s arm for a moment, her eyes still on Bill.
“Great, the sooner that traitor is taken out, the better.” She said. Bill snorted and Hannah resisted the urge to launch forward and grab his gun. She needed to play this smart. As the van slowed, Hannah looked through the front window. Zeke’s headquarters stood tall in the mess of the city and Hannah sighed.
“He should be up there.” She said, looking back to Bill. He nodded and the van turned, moving into the parking building across the street. As the vehicle climbed the levels, Hannah felt herself fidgeting, and slipped her hands under her legs.
They came to a stop and the door to the back of the van opened, a parking level with scattered cars coming into view. Bill and two other agents got out, joining the driver on the ground. Hannah and Stephanie cautiously followed the men up the stairs to the roof.
The guns they had been sorting in the van were slung over their shoulders and held cautiously. When they had reached the right vantage point, Bill handed his rifle to Hannah. She took a step backwards and he raised his eyebrows.
Sighing, Hannah took the weapon and looked over to where Stephanie was being handed another one.
“If you can’t get this done,” Bill said as he nodded to Stephanie. “She will. So it may as well be you.”
Hannah shrugged and walked over to the edge of the roof. Setting up the rifle, she looked down onto the ground below for a wind marker. She spotted another agent as he double checked a flag they had placed. As Hannah prepared to take the shot, she took a deep breath.
The people in her scope were normal. They would be going about their days, then home to their families and doing it all again tomorrow. Never would they get an order to kill their loved ones.
She heard Stephanie complaining about the conditions beside her as she scanned the crowd. Hannah stopped scanning as she spotted Zeke.
“I got him.” Hannah said, adjusting her position. As the noise behind her dimmed, Hannah thought about Zeke. Before everything in the last few weeks, before her worlds had collided. She took a breath and clicked on her tracking beam once then twice.
“What are you waiting for?” Bill asked behind her. She wrapped her finger around the trigger and inhaled as she pushed it down.


Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading the next instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! Hannah will be back Tomorrow for the next part of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there!

Christy Grace


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