The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles

Your Briefing:
Hannah Carmichael is with her friends and fellow CGT undercover agents Stephanie and Ian. Along with her husband, Zeke Anderson, the gang are headed to retrieve a USB which contains very important information that Hannah’s mother, Evelyn Carmichael needs for a terrorist attack on a CGT building. So far, they have been kidnapped, tortured and lost one of their own, Moroz from their Russian department. What will happen when they pick up the drive? Is Evelyn close behind them? Will she get the drive and carry out her plans? 



Hannah stepped over what she hoped was a puddle of water and quickened her pace. Behind her, Zeke, Stephanie and Ian were following cautiously.
“You put the drive somewhere around here?” Stephanie asked, her voice low in the dark night. The street lights were getting less frequent as they moved further along the lake.
Hannah chuckled, “I told you it would be somewhere Evelyn wouldn’t look.” Behind her, Hannah heard Ian grunting and she turned. He had tripped and was trying to maintain his balance.
“When did you get time to put it here?” Ian asked, stumbling into Stephanie. She huffed and pushed him backwards.
Hannah smiled and shook her head. “I swapped the original drive when you all were sleeping at that motel on the way to Evelyn’s safe house.”
Stephanie’s eyes widened.
“I couldn’t risk Evelyn getting her hands on the real drive. So as a precaution, I made a decoy drive that looked the same.” Hannah shrugged, “I figured it was a good time to swap it out when you caught me giving Zeke an update.” Hannah smiled at Stephanie and shrugged, “Just in case.”
Hannah moved around a corner towards a small fishing boat dock.
“Why wouldn’t Evelyn look here?” Zeke asked, falling into step with Hannah. She glanced at him and exhaled.
“We came here on my tenth birthday.”
Zeke frowned and looked around at the damp, dirty surroundings. “Why here?” He asked, Hannah quickened her step towards her hiding spot.
“I found out a few years later that it was a dead drop for something she was involved in.” She shrugged, “beginning of the end.” She muttered as they walked on the uneven dock. Hannah counted the posts then heard the others stop walking behind her. She paused, turning slowly and watching as Moroz stood, gun aimed at the four of them. Hannah’s gun was tucked into her waistband, but Moroz would get a shot off before she had a chance to pull it out.
“Surprised?” He asked, his Russian accent thicker than she had remembered.
Stephanie scoffed, “we thought you were dead. How did you survive?” She asked, her voice cold and hard. Hannah glanced at Zeke then to the right of Moroz, the only spot they could take him by surprise. Zeke had followed her eye line and gave her the slightest hint of a nod. She turned back to Moroz.
“I have my ways.” He said, sneering at them.
Hannah cleared her throat, “what are you doing here?” She asked, giving him a smile. He took a step closer, his face red and his eyes wide.
“I want the drive!” He yelled, not aware of Zeke taking a few small steps closer.
“What for?” Hannah asked, trying to buy Zeke more time. Moroz smiled, his eyes a fire of rage.
“I want to do what Evelyn, and clearly you, cannot do. I want to destroy CGT.”


Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading this week’s instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! Hannah will be back next Thursday for the next part of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there!
Christy Grace


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