Hannah Carmichael Chronicles (SIX)


In The Last Instalment:

A flashback to three years ago revealed Zeke to be Hannah Carmichael’s husband. But on the day of their wedding, Evelyn came to warn Hannah that Zeke is not who she thinks he is. In the present day, while following Evelyn, Hannah spots Zeke inside a Coffee Shop with a mysterious man. Just as they are about to enter, a car drives past and opens fire on the shop. When the shooting stops, Hannah rushes inside to find the man who was with Zeke dead, and Zeke missing. What happened to Zeke? Who was the man with him? How will they find Zeke now?


“Search the entire area!” Stephanie yelled as she moved out of the coffee shop. Hannah closed her eyes and took three deep breaths. Opening her eyes, she reached forward and felt for a pulse on the man who had been inches from her husband.
Hannah sighed and looked over to where Stephanie was barking orders at other agents. The staff and customers who had been in the shop were huddled in the corner with Ian Longford keeping a close eye on them.
Ian glanced over to her and smiled, throwing up a wave. His gun dropped out of its holster and he fumbled to pick it up. Hannah shook her head and looked back to the dead man in front of her, taking a deep breath.
Reaching forward, she searched his pockets for identification. She hated some parts of her job.
She felt a wallet in his outside jacket pocket and smiled, pulling it out carefully. Ignoring protocol, she opened it to the section where the ID sat. The man’s picture was on a license listing his name as Stewart Smith.
Hannah sifted through the rest of the wallet. She pulled out two credit cards, twenty dollars in cash and a business card. Putting the credit cards and the cash back into the wallet, she handed it off to an agent next to her.
The business card was white with only a phone number in gold print displayed. Stephanie kneeled down next to Hannah, holding the wallet which was now sealed in an evidence bag.
“Stewart Smith? Please.” Stephanie scoffed and stared at the business card in Hannah’s hand.
“I’ve been over every single number linked to Evelyn and I don’t recognise this one.” Hannah said, handing the card over to Stephanie.
Stephanie frowned and looked back up at her, sighing.
“I do.” Stephanie reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone, dialling. Hannah stood and pulled a chair over, brushing off the glass and sitting down. Stephanie smiled,
“Hey girl! It’s Steph. How are you doing?” She paused and glanced at Hannah, opening and closing her hand and rolling her eyes.
“Yeah I’ve been good. Look I need a favour.”
Ian walked over to where Hannah was sitting and put a hand on her shoulder.
“We’ll find him Haz.” He turned over another chair and sat next to her as Stephanie rolled her eyes and moved towards the wall.
Hannah hated that nickname. It just reminded her that she and Ian used to date when they were training together.
“I’m going to find my husband no matter what.” Hannah said. If Ian was insistent on reminding her that they dated, she would be equally insistent to remind him that she was married. Ian frowned slightly then quickly covered with a warm smile.
Stephanie walked back over to them, shoving the phone back in her pocket and handing Hannah the business card.
“Call the number in one hour.” Stephanie paused and stared at Ian, raising her eyebrows. He cleared his throat and stood, patting Hannah on the arm. Stephanie took his seat and shook her head.
“What a schmuck.”
Hannah smiled and ran her hand over the number on the card.
“Whose number is this Stephanie?” Hannah asked, trying to make eye contact with her friend.
“You’re not going to like the answer.”


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