STRENGTH in a Time of Weakness

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can Right now, the world is crazy. It's being stuck inside, it's being told you can't do something you've done your whole life, it's not working or going to school, it's not seeing your friends and family, it's crazy. I went on a hike… Continue reading STRENGTH in a Time of Weakness


The Last Bookstore (Furious Fiction)

FURIOUS FICTION #furiousfiction A Bookstore like you never imagined - October 2019 Furious Fiction - Enjoy!   THE LAST BOOKSTORE I glanced around the empty store on Thursday night and sighed, dropping my chin onto my hands. The back shelf had been broken for over a month, but it wasn’t worth the trip to the… Continue reading The Last Bookstore (Furious Fiction)