My first TV Interview With 1700

My first author interview... sort of. It was great!! Normally 1700 is shot live in studio here in Melbourne, Australia. With all the Covid restrictions, they're doing things iso style - at home! I got an amazing chance to chat with these beautiful people about the CGSP song competition, which was amazing! I was SUPER… Continue reading My first TV Interview With 1700


Talking To Myself….

I'm a writer, but first and foremost, I am a Creative! I write books, poetry, music, and paint. Because I LOVE celebrating other creatives, I wanted to pay it forward and include you AMAZING Indi artists in my book! Things are looking a little challenging in the world right now, but that's not a cue… Continue reading Talking To Myself….


How Did We End Up Here?

You know those people who say "I've always wanted to be a mechanical engineer - always! And now I am one, and it's just as good as i've always dreamed!" I don't actually know too many of those people! If you are doing what you've always dreamed of as a job - props to you!… Continue reading How Did We End Up Here?