Birthday Purchases

What does a writer buy herself for her Birthday?  BOOKS OF COURSE! Check out WHAT I bought, and WHY.   What kind of books do you buy? Share a Recommendation with me! To KEEP UP with all the stuff I have going on, you can catch my weekly updates, FREE Hannah Carmichael eBook, &… Continue reading Birthday Purchases


What’s In A Name? A Horsehead…

Weird, Wonderful and Just Plain Crazy book covers and titles? Something you never asked for, but I'm giving you anyway? A Facebook Live with more quirky Christy Grace? Yes to all the above! If you didn't catch my Facebook Live, I went down the rabbit hole of weird book titles, covers and basic topics -… Continue reading What’s In A Name? A Horsehead…


Underground Book Dealers

"Do you have the stuff?""Yeah, you got the cash?""Wait! The cops are coming, hide it!" I know, I know... but as cliche as the above conversation may be, it was the kind of intro I was looking for, so I ran with it. Recently, I published a short story 'The Last Bookstore' (link at the… Continue reading Underground Book Dealers