The Murder App (Chapter 4)

A serial killer, technology, and a detective determined to find the truth. Come along on a murder mystery adventure, with The Murder App - Chapter four!  Ella Strong stared at the scrolling men as she flicked through her options. This dating app was like all the others. The only difference was that a killer stalked… Continue reading The Murder App (Chapter 4)


The Murder App (Ch 3)

"Detective Strong, nice to meet you." The detective from cyber crimes shook Ella's hand with a sweaty pump. She smiled through the grimace and subtly wiped her hand down her pants when he'd turned to her partner Steve. "You too, Detective Smith," she replied as they sat across the conference room table. Now that the… Continue reading The Murder App (Ch 3)

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The Murder App (Ch1)

Chapter 1 Ella Strong stood from her crouch beside the victim's body. The smell was getting stronger, but she stopped breathing with her nose and turned towards the medical examiner. "It looks like the others," she said. Sandra Ellis - The Medical Examiner - gave a short nod. Deep crease lines etched in her forehead.… Continue reading The Murder App (Ch1)