Christy Grace is a writer from Melbourne, Victoria in Australia.

She was originally from New Zealand, and continues to hold the country, people, and her friends and family close to her heart.

Christy has been the creator and writer on the Christy Grace Scarlet Pen website/blog for several years and has published the regular instalments of her spy story ‘The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles’ as an eBook.
All 70 instalments from the last year, have been condensed into a one-stop-shop of adventure and excitement.

Christy is also working on writing, and releasing her first book in early 2021 with Samantha Jansen Publishing. She is enjoying her ‘Method Writing’ approach, and has thrown herself full into the creation of her debut novel.

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Christy loves to collect interesting things – like mugs, vinyl records, and superhero collectibles – and watch old movies and tv shows (often in black and white). She loves her dog, Rosie, and is often seen cuddling with her late at night, and forcing her to take photos and videos at night.